I am so excited to write this post! Please take a few minutes today to view the new Bugs and Butterflies 3 minute brand film being released today.  See how the portraits made in a Bugs and Butterflies Photography session can turn into beautiful imagery you'll proudly display on the walls in your home, tangible products you can share with your loved ones over and over, and treasured heirlooms you can pass down to your children when they're all grown up. 

I feel very fortunate to be able to do what I love and creating beautiful things for others to enjoy fills me with such gratitude.  Sharing and observing the beginning of a family and continuing to photograph the babies and children as they grow is such an honor.  

While I speak regularly to potential clients about what I like to do and create for them through their Bugs and Butterflies portrait sessions, I felt a clearer illustration of that could be made via video.   Many studios locally create beautiful images, but I feel one of the things that distinguishes my studio from others is that I have always focused on providing beautiful end products and keepsakes.   To really get a feel for what my clients cherish most, I invited a few of them to speak candidly via short interviews about their experiences at the studio.  

The making of the video was quite an undertaking and was led by the fabulous Jennifer Parlanti, chief Film maker at Paperbox Media, and her business partner Michael Prizant.  They came all the way from Australia to work on this project and after that, worked many hours to hone and perfect the video footage to reflect the best depiction of the Bugs and Butterflies experience.  I would like to specifically thank them once more right now and also the following folks for giving their time and opinions:

The Topping Family-Laura, Dana, Nathan and Katheryn: for allowing us to come into your home spontaneously and sharing your experiences in working with me.  

Lisa Warmenhoven: for choosing me to capture the very, very beginning of your family's journey and still capturing it as they grow!

Jaime Namimatsu: for enthusiastically participating with the ever energetic Ally and not freaking out when I told you we wanted to come to your house for part of the interview.

Brenden and Amy Berry: for sweet little Breanna's first commercial movie appearance.

And here we go!! Enjoy and share.